Refurbish Process

Alliance Refuse Trucks has been  in the business of refurbishing all types of refuse equipment since 2003. As part of our business we fully refurbish all parts of Refuse Truck.  This includes but is not limited to the Chassis, Body, loader arms for Front Loaders, Side Loaders, Rear Loaders, Roll Offs and Container Delivery Unit.

At Alliance Refuse Trucks, we have heavy equipment mechanics that are experienced in Diesel Engines, Drive Trains, Brakes, Suspensions, Electrical and AC Systems.  Our heavy equipment maintenance team has collective Experience of over 75 years. Our quality program is managed by a trained and certified Six Sigma Quality Green Belt with over 25 years of experience in quality systems.  To control our quality, all work done during the refurbishing process is performed on our 6.5 acre site. Our work Cells are Managed by skilled manufacturing experts and overseen further by production leads in each Cell. This includes Chassis Layout, Fabrication , Sanding, Hydraulics,  Electrical,  Paint, Mechanicals, and Quality Assurance.

Our Delivery Target for equipment that is being refurbished at Alliance Refuse Trucks, is 30 days or less.